5 Misconceptions About Overseas Property Investment

In most cases, if you’re judging an investment from potential returns, that is not the case.  So here are 5 misconceptions many Singaporeans have towards overseas property investment.

After you read this, you’ll realize that the common saying “the world is your oyster” holds true especially for property investment!

The One Global Advantage

No hard-selling was involved. Unlike some others in the industry, the OGPS team were (and still are) straight-shooters who say it like it is. No confusing sales talk. No underhanded methods. No “hidden costs” that show up halfway through the purchase. Only honest, reliable and proven-to-work recommendations and strategies.

Due to this refreshing approach, savvy buyers could see the true value of Timber Yard. The skepticism eroded. The path to profit became as clear as day. And that was why the event was such a record-breaking success.  A “Snowball Effect” soon followed…

Brexit – What does it mean for UK Property Investors

Looking to invest in the UK but not sure how Brexit is going to affect property prices in the UK? London’s price growth is forecasted to be ~13% over the next 5 years. For investors looking for the location of their next “buy-to-let” investment property, or looking for your next home, read more to find out why west London is generating so much buzz amongst investors and how you can prosper with Brexit.

Higher Taxes and Questions About Brexit Provide a Reprieve to Property Buyers in London

Housing prices in and around London have been rising higher than the overall rate of inflation. That is starting to change. Residential property price growth is finally returning to more normal levels as hoped.

Shift in Buyers and Sellers in Central London Property Market

Recent research has shown that there is a shift occurring in who is buying and selling properties on the central London property market. There have been noted changes in predominant buyer nationalities. These buyers' reasons for purchasing property have also been changing in recent years.

HELP-TO-BUY Schemes Gaining Popularity in the UK

The UK government's help to buy schemes have been proving to be a resounding success. The latest figures have shown that over 420,000 buyers in Britain have taken advantage of these programs. This has helped them gain access to housing, with 1.2 million people having opened accounts already. The average bonus claim for the program recently reached 800 pounds, a new record for the government's programs.

Avril Lee joins One Global Property Services

We are proud to announce that Avril Lee has joined One Global. Her exceptional experience of both the Singapore and International property markets and superb reputation will be key assets in our growth plans

Westgate House Preview Event

A new landmark for luxury living in West London, Galliard Home’s Westgate House has proved one of their most successful developments in the past 12 months – with 50% of the development selling globally in the first two weeks of launching.

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