Why You Should Buy A UK Property During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The world is currently being ravaged by COVID-19.

Over 1,900,000 infections. More than 125,000 deaths. (Figures accurate as of 15 April 2020)

Chances are wherever you’re reading this, your country and daily habits have been negatively impacted by this global pandemic.

Who has time to think about buying property now?

While the safety of ourselves and our loved ones should always be top priority, it’s also worth keeping an eye out on UK property prices.

Especially since COVID-19 has plunged the market into another prolonged period of uncertainty; after a series of other setbacks in the last few years.

This means more investment opportunities, more undervalued properties, and more options to make a good profit when the COVID dust settles!

Many of you are probably working remotely or self-quarantining when reading this. So let us add a little investment flavour to your day by sharing what exactly has been going on in the UK property market.

The So-Called “Boris Bounce” – Over As Quickly As It Started…


The post-election “Boris Bounce”, as termed by the media, is fading rapidly. Optimism of a market recovery is gone. The UK property market is in crisis again.

Many buyers and sellers are considering their plans. After all, governments worldwide, including the UK, have been calling for social distancing.

Home viewings on a large scale can’t exactly happen with this advisory.

When buyers are afraid of stepping into potentially infected homes, and sellers are wary of entertaining strangers who may be potential virus carriers, the market suffers and grinds to a halt.

And who knows what the near future will bring?

The COVID situation according to many experts, has not even peaked in the UK yet. It’s very likely that the worst is yet to come.

At this point of writing, exact figures regarding home prices and sales volumes since the COVID outbreak have not been released.

But it’s almost certain that those numbers will be negatively affected. And this downward spiral is likely to continue until the pandemic is somehow contained or eradicated.

This could take up to a year, or longer. No one can say for sure.

In other words, the UK property market will effectively be in lockdown just like most of the country.

So Why Should You Buy A UK Property Now?


Let’s take a quick look back in history…

The Great Depression. World War 2. Black Monday. 1998 Asian Financial Crisis. Dot-com bubble burst. 9-11. SARS. Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis. Even Brexit.

What’s the common denominator of those crises? The global market, including UK property, always bounces back. It’s just a matter of time.

That’s why it’s been proven that crises are the catalyst for paradigm shifts in wealth transference.

The ones who panic, lose their wealth. The ones who take action with a sound strategy, gain wealth from those who throw it away.

This means that buying the right UK property during this pandemic at a “discounted” price, can reap handsome profits when the market inevitably recovers!

So why UK property specifically? When this concept also holds true for other markets/investments?

Because the UK property market has not fully recovered from the Brexit/political uncertainty double whammy.

It was showing signs of growth for sure. But in many ways, it’s is still reeling from past years of turmoil. COVID is the latest hammer blow to an already fragile market.

So compared to other crisis investment opportunities, UK property has the potential to offer better deals and greater discounts.

But before you take action, a final word of warning…


Investing During A Crisis Is A Double-Edged Sword


Buy the right property, and see your profits soar when the market stabilizes.

Buy the wrong property, and see your hard-earned money go down the drain.

How do you know which property is right, and which is wrong?

This is where a thorough research process, key connections with relevant parties and experience in the market comes into play.

Those factors are key to cashing in on the COVID crisis.

The good news is that our team at One Global Property Services has the expertise required to assist you with your profitable UK property purchase.

If you like to find out more about buying a UK property during this uncertain period, fill in your details below and we’ll drop you a call to explain further.

But remember: Time is of the essence!

No one knows how long the crisis will last for. When the world recovers from COVID, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will likely be gone forever.

So don’t take chances. Take action instead!

Fill in your details below, and we’re looking forward to share more with you!

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