Time For Property Investors To Take Action

The UK is in crisis!

The economy is grinding to a halt. The pound is plunging to new lows. Brexit has divided the country. An unpopular prime minister (that’s putting it mildly) was just elected.

Who in their right mind would invest in the UK today?

Well…perhaps you should.

Why? Because at this point of writing, the UK pound has sunk to the bottom of the performance chart for the world’s top 10 major currencies.

It is currently at a 1.1 exchange rate to the Euro, and 1.24 against the US dollar.

Chances are that with the cloud of uncertainty yet to be lifted, it could very well tumble even further.

And that’s good news for property investors. Here’s why…

The Plunging Pound’s Effect On UK Property

Since the start of 2019, housing prices in London have fallen by 4.4%, the biggest drop since August 2009. All major cities in the UK are experiencing similar value drops.

This is mainly due to 2 important factors – the chaos caused by Brexit and the weakening pound.

With this devastating duo sending the country into turmoil, many potential local buyers are playing the “wait-and-see” game. They want to see the pieces fall into place first, before taking action.

Since demand from buyers is reduced, market forces naturally dictate that prices will fall.

So when local UK buyers pull back, it’s time for foreign buyers to step up.

There presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for overseas investors to profit from the panic, and swoop in to secure UK properties at unbelievably low prices.

A UK property that will set you back £500,000 in 2016, can be purchased for around £300,000 - £400,000 today (depending on factors like location and your local currency exchange rate).

Little wonder that overseas investors from all over the world are targeting UK properties. If you’re not, you should be!

But Will The UK Market Recover?

The key to purchasing property during a crisis is buy at a “discount”, rough it out, wait for the market to recover and prices to increases.

So will the UK property market recover from this setback?

Even with all the turbulence in the UK today, it still remains one of the world’s most important business, property, sports and tourism market.

In the past, most recently the 2008 recession, it has always managed to bounce back stronger than ever.

There’s no reason to believe that this current crisis will end any differently.

The real question is: When will the market recover, and when will property prices start increasing?

No one can say for sure, but experts predict between 3-5 years before the market starts mounting a comeback.

This means that investors have a limited window to “save up their bullets”, and invest in undervalued UK properties to reap the full upswing benefits.

Which Areas Of UK Are Worth Investing In?

That being said, it doesn’t mean that every part of the UK is investable.

Based on property investment fundamentals like location, current market value and future development, our team of specialists picked out 3 UK property hotspots:

London, Manchester and Birmingham.

All 3 areas offer properties with high potential appreciation at affordable entry prices.

This is especially so for investors in the Asia Pacific region. No matter whether you’re from Singapore, Hong Kong, China etc, chances are your local currency has never fared stronger against the UK pound.

So do you want to cash in on the currency chaos, and secure a low-priced UK property that can greatly increase in value in future?

Fill in your details below, and we will contact you to explain everything you need to know about investment opportunities in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Don’t miss out! Looking forward to sharing more with you soon!


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