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Creating Value Through Overseas Property Investment

Avril is from Singapore. James is from England. East meets west.  They seem to have little in common, except for their common career in property. Through a series of improbable events (some might call it fate), they found each other and joined forces to form a dynamic property duo. That was how One Global Property Services (OGPS) was formed.

Armed with their wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise, OGPS set out to change the real estate landscape in Singapore.

Their masterplan:

To Provide Singaporeans With Key Insights Regarding Overseas Property Purchase & Investment

However, several roadblocks stood firmly in their way… The biggest obstacle was the barrage of skepticism they faced.

“Overseas property very risky!” “We don’t know much about those areas, how to buy?” “Who will take care of the property when I’m not there?”

All legit questions. But ultimately, based on hearsay rather than actual facts.

But even in the face of adversity, OGPS always believed in their game plan. They just needed the chance to prove it through undeniable results.

And that opportunity came during an exhibition for Timber Yard, Birmingham (England)…

At the time, Timber Yard was a property overlooked by many Singaporean investors.

That’s mainly because of its location in Birmingham. It’s not a familiar area to most Singaporeans, compared to other UK locations like London and Manchester.

OGPS knew they had to overcome plenty of doubts and objections to make the event successful…

And That’s Exactly What They Did!

Thanks to their educational process of presenting facts, cautiously optimistic projections and expert opinions, they eventually managed to secure 45 investors for Timber Yard.

No hard-selling was involved. Unlike some others in the industry, the OGPS team were (and still are) straight-shooters who say it like it is.

No confusing sales talk. No underhanded methods. No “hidden costs” that show up halfway through the purchase.

Only honest, reliable and proven-to-work recommendations and strategies.

Due to this refreshing approach, savvy buyers could see the true value of Timber Yard. The skepticism eroded. The path to profit became as clear as day.

And that was why the event was such a record-breaking success. 

A “Snowball Effect” soon followed…

Riding on the momentum, Timber Yard’s positive results opened up lots of other doors to both overseas developers and local investors.

Renowned developers approached them to help market their properties. An increasing number of investors sought out their expertise in property investment.

And they continued to deliver for both parties and became the gateway for Singaporeans to gain reliable access to overseas properties with high gain potential.

That’s why in a short span of 15 months, One Global Property Services has established themselves in the Singapore market as a leading authority on overseas property investment.

Plans are already afoot to expand further, with offices already functioning in Hong Kong, and strategic partnerships set up in Shanghai with key partners. 

So How Did They Do It?

Property can be a brutal, cut-throat industry.

So to get from just starting out, to having a strong presence in Singapore (plus Hong Kong and China) within 15 months, is truly a momentous achievement.

According to Avril herself, there’s no “secret sauce”. OGPS’ success stems from a simple but important philosophy – People Before Property.

“Although we’re in the property industry, we are actually in the people business. We focus on solving our clients’ investment problems.

We understand their concerns. We know their desires. And property is our vehicle to help them achieve their objectives, and overcome their problems. It’s as simple as that!”

Even though OGPS is a relatively young company, they are already disrupting the industry in a positive manner.  And they’ve barely scratched the surface! They have much bigger plans moving forward and is looking to cultivate a paradigm shift in this traditional industry.

“In my opinion, Singaporean investors need better access to education resources with regards to overseas property purchases. It’s natural for most to be skeptical about buying a property in London, Australia or anywhere else. Simply because of the geographic barrier. But the world is getting smaller. Technology is becoming more advanced. We are a global village now.

By leveraging on that, plus proven investment strategies, overseas property can be a viable solution to help Singaporeans achieve their financial goals.  We aim to be the ones to encourage this change in mindset among the masses, from skepticism to positivity, through constant education. Ultimately, that’s our mission and what drives us to push ourselves further. Onwards and upwards!”


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In the meantime, look out for more educational content from us. Looking forward to giving you more insights and clarity on overseas property investment!

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