Own A Posh Birmingham Property

For investors in this part of the world, Birmingham is usually not the first city that comes to mind when talking about investable UK locations.

But due to ongoing and future trends, this “sleeping giant” is likely to awake from its slumber soon, and take its rightful place as a world-class business, industrial and entertainment center.

Which means that investors who lay claim to a Birmingham property today, can reap really good returns in the near to mid future.

At your “Introduction To Birmingham Property” seminar, we are honored to have Mr. Florian Loloum grace the stage and share his expertise with us.

Mr. Loloum is the head of sales and marketing at Top Capital Group, a leading property consultancy firm that specializes in connecting Asian investors with global investment opportunities.

He is also an accomplished speaker on various property topics. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Mr. Loloum has already shortlisted Birmingham as the “one to watch”, when asked about current hotspots for Asian property investors.

We’re certainly looking forward to hearing more about Birmingham property from a true expert in the industry!

Here is a snippet of what Mr. Loloum will be sharing:

  • Why Birmingham Is An Underrated And Undervalued Area Full Of “Hidden Property Gems”

With upcoming mega-developments like the Big City Plan and High Speed 2 Network expected to bring in an additional 50,000 jobs, Birmingham property is poised for a surge in demand and value. In other words, investing NOW is the key to profits! More details to be shared during the seminar.


  • The Impact Of Brexit On Birmingham Property

With Brexit looming, it’s understandable that investors are a little wary before jumping in all guns blazing. But do you know that Brexit actually creates once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for property investment? Find out how to profit from the panic!


  • How To Own A Birmingham Property

There’s good news and bad news. Let’s start with the good. A posh Birmingham property can be purchased at a very affordable price. Onto the bad. This “discount” will not last for long, as external factors are pushing prices higher and higher. Discover how to capitalize on absurdly low prices before the inevitable inflation!


  • Current And Future Trends In The Birmingham Property Market

After hours of painstaking research by our analysts, we have compiled a “must-know” list of facts on Birmingham’s development. Knowing these key pieces of info will help you immensely in leveraging on Birmingham property, and to make sound purchases and investments.


  • The Birmingham “First Mover Advantage” – Why You Should Act Fast

Speed and timing is key when purchasing a property. In the case of Birmingham property, the “golden window” is open now, and taking fast action is crucial to maximizing your purchase potential. More details will be shared at the exhibition, so sign up quickly before it’s a full house! 


  • Many Other Strategies, Insights, And Proven Methods To Invest In/Purchase A High Quality Birmingham Property

Our team at One Global Property Services, coupled with Mr. Loloum’s expertise, has extensive knowledge of established real estate markets all over the world, including Birmingham. We’re looking forward to sharing this knowledge with you, and to empower you to make the best property decision to achieve your financial goals!

Seats Are Extremely Limited, So Register Before They’re All Gone!

Because of space constraints and our wish to foster a conducive learning environment, seats for the Introduction To Birmingham Property seminar is limited to 25.

To avoid disappointment, secure your seat ASAP before they’re all gone!

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