How You Can Benefit From The “Manchester Revolution”

When we think of Manchester in England, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many of us, we immediately think of the 2 football teams: Manchester Utd and Manchester City.  While both have been dominant forces in the football and commercial world in recent years, there’s more to Manchester than just football

For example, do you know that from 2018 to 2021, the employment rate in Manchester will grow by 1.2%? That’s among the highest rate in England. Manchester’s strong economic performance is reflected by a Gross Value Added (GVA) percentage of 2.2%, the second highest in England.

For property investors, this presents a not-to-be-missed opportunity to capitalize on Manchester’s stellar progression.

The Manchester Story – A Property Perspective

This story has 2 protagonists: The employers and the employees, in a chicken & egg situation. Let’s start with the employers.

A number of  major corporations have set up headquarters in Manchester in the last decade.  In 2011, BBC moved a large proportion of its radio, TV and sporting operations to Manchester. In response, rivals ITV built a new state-of-the-art complex a stone’s throw away. More recently, TalkTalk, a telecommunications conglomerate, announced that they will be moving their base of operations to Salford, Manchester.

Other mega-corporations like Amazon, GCHQ (government body specializing in intelligence and security), and Bupa (healthcare group) have also consolidated their core businesses in Manchester.

This influx of renowned enterprises has naturally led to a greater concentration of employees in Manchester.

In the last 3 years, the population in Manchester has jumped by 6% to approximately 572,000 today.

This is largely due to students staying behind in the area after graduation, instead of seeking employment opportunities elsewhere.

After all, why bother finding a job in another location, when there are plenty of attractive openings right at your doorstep?

Fueled by a young and driven workforce, Manchester’s fast economic growth is set to enjoy a spurt in the near future.

So How Does This Relate To Property?

It’s simple. More jobs equal more employees equals a greater need for homes, both short and long term.

If you own a Manchester property, rental demand will shoot through the roof. Property in high yield areas like the M14 and Trafford Park are especially attractive due to their strategic locations.

Due to the ongoing developments both in the present and future, analysis by property experts concluded that housing prices in Manchester is set to rise by 57% by the end of 2028. This is the highest projection among all the major UK cities.

As Manchester continues its revolution into one of the world’s leading commercial, education, tourism, sporting and industrial hubs, the ones who benefit the most will be property investors who secure their investments at the right time.

Interested To Invest In The Manchester Revolution?

For savvy investors, Manchester is too good an opportunity to pass up on. Chinese media recently reported that interest in Manchester businesses and property from their country has increased by more than 200%.

So if you’re keen to join this property revolution before all the good ones are taken, fill in your details below and we’ll contact you to share everything you need to know about Manchester property.

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